Fike is a proven leader in advanced detection and suppression technologies. Through extensive testing and customer response, Fike has developed a cost-effective, easy to install and superior protection alternative for many flammable liquid applications.

The Fike single fluid nozzle creates varying water droplet sizes, compared to the more homogenous droplet sizes created in dual fluid nozzles. During extensive testing conducted at Fike, it was found that varying droplet size aided the suppression capability of the water mist system. The larger droplets tended to have more momentum which allowed the water to penetrate the flame front, applying more water to the fire. The smaller particles following the larger particles, worked as an additional back-up attack --for a double punch by this unique water mist system.

During research Fike completed in conjunction with NASA and Factory Mutual Insurance, it was discovered that cycling the discharge, in addition to lengthening the total coverage time, more effectively suppressed flammable liquid fires. With a continuous water mist fire suppression discharge, the fires were not always completely suppressed --no matter what the length of discharge. Through discharge cycling, the initial water discharge reduced the temperature and flame front immediately. During the first off time of the cycle, the temperature remained steady, but humidity levels rose dramatically. When the water was turned on again, the increased humidity combined with the additional water discharge to complete the fire suppression.

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