Emergency Response Products

Piercing Applicator And Foam Equipment. The piercing fog head nozzle is constructed of nickel-plated stainless steel and features twin handles and ball shutoff. This nozzle is designed to reach and fight fires in closed and concealed areas. The air aspirating foam nozzle is constructed of lightweight aluminum alloy and stainless steel. The ProPak foam system includes high-impact 2.5 gal. foam reservoir, built-in eductor and three different quick-connect nozzles. The foam eductor is fitted with a non-return (polyethylene ball) valve, which prevents back-flow into the emulsifier tank, and a metering device that regulates concentration flow, determining percentage of foam liquid. For a full list of specifications, please call the Sales Department.  

1 1/2" Piercing Applicator Nozzle, 170 gpm NST
637.50 ----- POK2306
1 1/2" Air Aspirating Foam Nozzle, 95 gpm NST
217.50 ----- POK9957
1 1/2" Foam Eductor w/ By-Pass, 95 gpm 0 - 6% Foam Solutions
388.50 ----- POK1448
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