Installation Instructions for
Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

  1. With metal or wood studding, install a framed opening at specified location. Wall opening width, height and depth must correspond with dimensions indicated in catalog or detail and submittal sheet.

  2. Frame in above, below and at both sides of the cabinet opening. Note: On load bearing walls, the studs must be doubled on either side of the cabinet tub. If a stud must be cut to install the cabinet, a load bearing header must be installed above the cabinet tub.

  3. Drill 3/16" (5mm) hole at least every 12" (304.8mm) on each side of the cabinet through the double tub construction for mounting into wall opening.

  4. Place cabinet in position and mark location of attachments on studding using 3/16" (5mm) holes as marking guides.

  5. Remove cabinet and drill 5/32" (4mm) holes through studs at marked points. Six attachment holes for 2000 series cabinets and smaller, eight attachment holes for larger cabinets.

  6. Place cabinet in position and attach with Universal #10 x 2-1/2" (64mm) self-drilling screws.

  7. Check cabinet door assembly for freedom of movement. If it binds, shim as necessary to remove any racking of tub attachments or studding.

Note: The installation of any fire-rated cabinet which lacks a cabinet door, or any condition in which the door is left ajar, will void the fire rating.

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Last modified: October, 2010