Fire Cabinets - Options


Aluminum Tub, Mill Finish

Color anodized door and trim; Academy

Color epoxy tub (red or black)

Color epoxy door and trim (red or black); Ambassador

FE Letters in black, red or white; horizontal or vertical

Fire-FXTM fire rated tub option

Futura "fire" handle

Stainless tub, #4 satin finish

Custom stainless steel finishes; Cosmopolitan

  • #6 satin stainless
  • #7 polished stainless
  • #8 polished stainless


Unique New Design for Cabinets with Cylinder Locks

Our JL SAF-T-LOK cam lock design allows you to open the cabinet door by pulling sharply on the door handle, yet secure enough to prevent vandalism typically associated with the standard pull handles.

The JL SAF-T-LOK gives you the flexibility to choose any door style and glazing option require.


Fire Rated Option  - Fire Rated Extinguisher Cabinets

In 1991, J.L. Industries, Inc., introduced Fire-Rated Extinguisher Cabinets and Valve Cabinets for use in fire rated walls. J.L.'s specially designed and patented Fire-FXTM Option for cabinets are built to meet building code specifications for fire-rated wall situations. Warnock Hersey has certified and listed J.L.'s Fire-FX Option for 1-hour and 2-hour combustible and non-combustible wall systems. The Fire-FXTM  option is available on our Cavalier, Ambassador, Cosmopolitan, Panorama, Clear Vu, Continental, Embassy, and certain Academy Series cabinets. The Fire-FXTM  option fire-rated cabinet is not available on trimless and surface mount cabinets. Fire-FXTM option is available on some aluminum door and trim cabinets, priced on application.

Note : The Fire-FXTM in most cases will double the approximate shipping weight.

The Fire-FXTM Option eliminates:

  • The costly need to line the wall opening cavity with fire rated material.
  • Guesswork as to whether the fire barrier has been compromised by the above procedure.


Furnish fire-rated cabinet with Fire-FXTM Option manufactured by J.L. Industries, Inc., of Bloomington, MN. Cabinet to be fabricated in accordance with the Warnock Hersey certified design and shall carry the Warnock Hersey label for 1 and 2-hour combustible and non-combustible walls.

Cabinet to be fabricated in accordance with UBC 43-6 (ASTM E814-88) to measure fire resistive performance.

WHI Test Numbers

  • 631-021201
  • 631-021202


Unique 4" projecting extinguisher cabinets

An Industry First...
The Americans with Disabilities Act (A.D.A.) of 1990 mandates that cabinets or other accessories not extended into corridor areas more than 4".

In 1993 J.L. Industries, Inc. introduced a unique cabinet design featuring a 4" projecting trim with a flush cup pull handle.  This was created to allow for installation of our popular 1000 size cabinet into walls as thin as 2-1/8", and still meets the A.D.A. projection criteria.

All cabinets with a "2" as the fourth character of the model number include this 4" projecting trim with the flush cup pull handle (ex. Ambassador 1012F10).  It is important to note, however, that most other J.L. cabinets also meet the projection requirement.   The primary factor for selecting semi-recessed cabinets remains the available depth of wall.


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