Horseplay, vandalism and theft are more prevalent today than ever before - increasing the number of broken fire safety cabinets and the risk of serious injury. Without tempered safety glass, a building owner's liability risks are also increased. Potter Roemer's Break Rite cabinets feature a patented, easy - pull handle and tempered safety glass designed to break into small, harmless pellets that eliminate the risk of serious injury and owner liability issues. Remember - lock it or not, the glass is going to break!


            Fire extinguisher (hose and valve) cabinet shall be Model No. ____________  as manufactured by Potter Roemer, Santa Ana, CA, 800-366-FIRE. Door shall be equipped with tempered safety glass exclusively, with a keyed, steel cam lock. For security purposes, the locking mechanism shall withstand 25 lbs. of pull pressure applied to the edge of the door opposite the hinge.

To Specify

                The following cabinet door styles include the Break Rite handle, clear tempered safety glass, clips and installation instructions:

-B Full Break Glass        -DVL Duo-Vertical Panel with Lock        -E Center Break Glass

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