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Pyro Chem's The Attendant™ Gasoline Fire Suppression System is a fire control system designed to aid and enable occupants to evacuate parked vehicles subjected to fire resulting from spilled fuel in the protected area of gasoline service stations.  A secondary purpose is to extinguish small spill fires in the protected area.

Gasoline service station vehicle fueling area fires are unique hazards, having environmental and physical variables that can affect the extinguishing capability of The Attendant Gasoline Station Fire Suppression System.  These variables include:

  • Unusual wind or weather conditions.
  • Spills that extend beyond the protected area.
  • Sources of ignition beyond the protected area.
  • Sources of ignition that continue past the end of the discharge.
  • Large trucks and unforeseen obstacles to the discharge pattern.

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  1. Fixed temperature electrical thermal detectors
  2. Electrical conduit protecting detector wiring
  3. Model ECH Control Head
  4. Model PAC-200 Pneumatic Actuating Cylinder
  5. Pneumatic rigid pipe and/or flexible tubing
  6. Model ATD-35/75 Agent Storage Cylinders
  7. Fixed agent distribution piping
  8. Model N-ATD Discharge Nozzles
  9. Model RPS-M Remote Mechanical


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