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The Pyro Chem Kitchen Knight™ Restaurant Kitchen Fire Suppression System is a pre-engineered solution to appliance and ventilating hood and duct grease fires.  The system is designed to maximize hazard protection, reliability, and installation efficiency.  Automatic or manual system activation releases a throttled discharge of potassium carbonate solution on the protected area in the form of fine droplets to extinguish the fire and prevent reignition after the discharge is complete.

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  1. CYLINDER CONTROL UNIT - Integral design requires no separate release  pressure cylinder - separate wire cable activation lines for automatic fusible link and remote pull station provide an added measure of safety - unique fool proof technique for achieving necessary input wire cable tension.
  2. PIPING -  Unbalanced piping network simplifies application design and installation - no separate piping to connect system pressure cylinders to extinguishing agent container.  Schedule 40 stainless, chrome-plated and black pipe can be used.
  3. CYLINDERS (DOT-4B-175 Rated) - Contain Pyro Chem Potassium Carbonate Solution stored at 175 psig - pressure gauge for visual maintenance checks - 2.40 and 3.50 gallon sizes provide 8 and 13 flow point coverage respectively, offering a broad range of application coverage.
  4. NOZZLES - Fixed and Swivel head nozzles have been established to relax placement tolerances.
  5. REMOTE MANUAL PULL STATION - Simple operating instructions with a double action release avoids careless system discharge - a 100' wire cable run with 1/16 inch cable and 17 corner pulleys maximum or 3/64 inch cable and 20 corner pulleys maximum allows mounting flexibility -  a dedicated  wire cable input line to the cylinder control head provides a true back-up in the event thermal links are fouled.
  1. FUSIBLE LINK KITS - Accommodates both series and terminal placement to minimize inventory and simplify ordering - all necessary components included for efficient assembly and installation - 350 F fusible link standard - other temperatures available - 15 fusible links on a 100' wire cable run with 20 corner pulleys maximum provides substantial hazard coverage.
  2. AUTOMATIC GAS SHUT-OFF VALVE - Complies with requirements pertaining to the shut-off of fuel as described by NFPA 17A - after regular maintenance/service check can be reset at control head for convenience of service technician - a 50' wire cable run with 15 corner pulleys maximum provides mounting flexibility.
  3. CORNER PULLEYS AND ACCESSORIES - Designed to ensure reliable system function, as tested by Underwriters Laboratories.

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