One completely installed PYROCHEM KITCHEN KNIGHT II Wet Chemical Restaurant Kitchen Fire Suppression System sized to meet job requirements in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications and installed only by an authorized factory trained Installer. This system must be installed in accordance with UL-300, BOCA, NFPA-17A, NFPA-96 and the authority having jurisdiction. The PYROCHEM installing company must carry complete Operations Liability
Insurance of a minimum of $1,000,000.00.

The following MUST be adhered to unless approval has been given in writing by the Food Service Equipment Consultant prior to such substitution:

1) Exhaust Hood, Duct, and Cooking Appliance Fire Suppression shall be PYROCHEM KITCHEN KNIGHT,

2) Units MUST BE INSTALLED IN THE PYROCHEM 304 grade stainless steel ENCLOSURES, 

3) Chromed nozzle covers are required to protect the nozzle from contamination and blockage from grease. ANY OTHER caps or covers, including those made of rubber or tin foil, ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE. The metal cap will not melt and fuse to the nozzle when high temperature is present, a problem associated with rubber nozzle caps,

4) Mechanical Gas Valves must be used for automatic shut-off. 

System to provide automatic fire suppression for the plenum area of the Exhaust Hood, connecting exhaust ducts and for the cooking surfaces.

INSTALLATION: System shall be installed in accordance with the latest edition of applicable standard of NFPA 17A, NFPA 96, BOCA, Manufacturer's manual and all applicable state and local codes.

1) System Installer shall visit the job site, take all field measurements and verify all conditions affecting the work, confirming what is shown on the attached plan.

2) Obtain and pay for any permits specifically required for the fire suppression installation.

3)- Provide shop drawings showing the piping and mechanical detail of the fire system to the authority having jurisdiction.

TESTING: Upon completion of the installation, System Installer to perform all tests necessary to fulfill requirement of the authority having jurisdiction.

SPECIFIC JOB SITE REQUIREMENTS: System to be provided with up to four (4) Microswitches (4P4T) mounted in the PYROCHEM control enclosure.

System Installer to provide a manual reset relay to the Electrical Contractor for installation into the gas fuel shut-off if an electrical gas valve has been approved and installed.

The System Installer to provide the Plumbing Contractor one mechanically operated automatic gas shut-off valve, for each fire suppression, sized for the job requirements. Plumber is to install the valve. System Installer is to connect the mechanical gas valve cable to the PYROCHEM control enclosure.

The PYROCHEM KITCHEN KNIGHT System must be located where shown on the food equipment drawings. Any relocation of the PYROCHEM System MUST be approved by the Food Service Equipment Consultant in writing prior to such relocation.

The PYROCHEM KITCHEN KNIGHT Fire System Installer shall be responsible for cutting or punching holes in walls, ceilings and floors for installation of the equipment. The Installer will be responsible for furnishing trim flanges or patching and painting of any holes required for the installation of the PYROCHEM System.

PIPING: Fire System to be per PYROCHEM standards. All piping and conduit for the PYROCHEM is to be concealed where possible and all piping and conduit to be either chrome plated, chrome sleeved or stainless steel where exposure is necessary.

responsible for the installation of the automatic gas shut-off valve required for the automatic shut-off of the gas supply to all gas operated appliances located under the Exhaust Hood.

The valve shall be installed be installed as near as possible to the cooking equipment and shall not be installed in a location that would affect the shut down of the gas supply to any gas operated equipment not located under the Exhaust Hood. The mechanical gas shut-off valve required under this specification shall be furnished to the Plumbing Contractor by the PYROCHEM System installing company.

responsible for all labor and materials required to completely connect the cooking fuel shut-off system.

The Electrical Contractor shall be responsible for installing a " conduit and flush-mounted standard 4"x4" electrical junction box. This is to be used for the manual pullstation to activate the PYROCHEM Fire System. The " conduit should extend approximately 15" above the finished ceiling.

The following must be completed by the Electrical Contractor (See electrical rough-in plan for details):

1) All electrical under the Exhaust Hood must shut down upon activation of the PYROCHEM Fire System. This includes all outlets, hard-piped gas appliances and all refrigeration stands.

2) All Make-up Air Units for the Exhaust Hoods in the kitchen must shut down.

3) Exhaust Hood Fans must continue to run. If Exhaust Fans are not on, then the Exhaust Fans must be activated to the on position.

4) If an electrical gas valve is used, a manual reset relay must be used. This relay is to be supplied by the PYROCHEM Installer.

5) If Fire Alarm notification is required, one of the micro switches is to be used for this purpose.

6) No electrical connections to be made inside the PYROCHEM control enclosure. 

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