Clean Agent Fire Protection 

Why Choose a Clean Agent Fire Protection Solution?

A fire is DEVASTATING! Basic fire protection systems, such as fire sprinklers , provide personal and structural protection. But when it comes to high-value assets and equipment or irreplaceable items, water can be just as damaging as fire!

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems are superior to basic water-based fire protection systems in many ways:

  • Extinguishes a fire FASTER Than Water
  • Is Safe for People
  • Requires No Clean-up
  • Prevents Smoke and Soot Damage
  • Causes No Damage to Your Business Assets
    Even High-Value Collectibles and Irreplaceable Items

That's why many companies are choosing Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems over basic Fire Protection, such as sprinkler systems. Fike Corporation is known worldwide as an innovator in fire suppression and fire detection systems, but ...

Are You SURE Clean Agent Fire Protection is for ME?
You must protect yourself, your business and most importantly, your customers. But do you really need this much fire protection? Consider the following questions:

  • Would your equipment be damaged or inoperable if hit by water (fire spinklers) or dry chemicals?
  • Is your equipment and service easily replaced?
  • Do people occupy your facility?
  • Can your facility tolerate business interruptions and downtime? Will your customers?
  • Do you want fire protection that requires minimal floor space and offers long-term availability?

Answer "Yes" to any of the above, and a
Clean Agent Fire Suppression System

ECARO-25  HFC 227ea

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