ECARO-25, utilizing HFC-125 as the fire-extinguishing agent, is the best, most cost-effective clean agent fire protection system available. ECARO-25 is perfect for NEW clean agent fire suppression applications. This highly effective fire suppression system is safe for people, assets and the environment.

Minimal Clean Agent + Maximum Flow = Most Cost-effective Clean Agent

Fike's ECARO-25 System requires 20% less agent per cubic foot/meter than HFC-227ea, which is the same molecule as FM-200, a registered trademark of Chemtura Corporation. The superior physical properties of our unique Clean Agent, FE-25, allow you to utilize small diameter piping over long distance, making design easier.

ECARO-25 Fire Suppression System = Cost Savings on agent, piping & installation!

ECARO-25... THE FUTURE in Clean Agent Fire Suppression. With an ECARO-25 system, you are getting the premier design in clean agent. All clean agents must remain in the protected space for a specified period of time in order to extinguish a fire. ECARO-25 is 20% more efficient in hold time than an HFC-227ea or FM-200 System, and you need 20% less agent to protect the same room. Superior design and cost savings!

Protect Your People, Your Assets, Your Business Continuity ... and Your Bottom Line with an ECARO-25 Clean Agent Fire Suppression System

  • Zero Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP)
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Electrically Non-Conductive
  • Colorless and Odorless
  • Leaves No Residue
  • For Use in Occupied and Unoccupied Spaces
  • No Overpressurized Concerns

For more information about ECARO-25 fire protection systems (PDF format):

ECARO-25 Brochure
Drop-in Halon Replacement Brochure (English)
Dupont FE-25 Brochure
ECARO-25 Article: The Future of Clean Agent Fire Suppression
Frequently Asked Questions about ECARO-25
Safe for Occupied Spaces

For more information on accessories for the ECARO-25 fire protection system (PDF format):

Interface Firing Module Agent Release Module
Gas Cartridge Actuator Manual Actuator
HFC-125 Clean Agent Agent Storage Containers
Container Accessories Engineered Nozzles
Pre-engineered Nozzles Liquid Level Indicator
HFC-125 Instructional Signs Selector Valves

For copies of ECARO-25 Material Safety Data Sheets (PDF format):

FE-25 Extinguishing Agent Gas Cartridge Actuator

For Architect's and Engineer's Specifications concerning ECARO-25 fire protection systems (PDF format):

ECARO-25 Specification w/ Cheetah Xi ECARO-25 Specification w/ SHP PRO

For information on Application Profiles utilizing ECARO-25 fire suppression systems (PDF format):

Valuable Asset Fire Protection
Halon Replacement w/ ECARO-25
Maximized Piping System


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