pyrologo1.jpg (33154 bytes)Pyro Chem - the fire extinguishing products unit of Wells Fargo Alarm Services, Division of Borg Warner Security.  Pyro Chem's accomplishments include:

  • Establishing its fire extinguishing heritage while becoming a world-class manufacturer of fire extinguishing agents since 1920.
  • Developing in-line piping and flow diverters for dry chemical fire suppression systems in commercial cooking areas (1982), avoiding cumbersome balanced piping.
  • Introduced the dual agent system concept (liquid and dry chemical) to protect cooking areas, offering the best solution to protecting restaurant cooking areas (1986).

Today, Pyro Chem's satisfied customers provide a valuable testimonial.  From small delis to five star restaurants, and from specialty establishments to fast food chains, Pyro Chem provides reliable fire protection.

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